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leather-sewing-machineIn recent years, the use of leather in different projects has really gained in popularity. Leather can be used to craft an assortment of long lasting products. Many people have started to work with leather using a sewing machine. If you are not sure how to work with leather in a sewing machine, this can be a very complicated task. Here, you will find some easy and clear-cut steps that will assist you while working with leather in a sewing machine.

The first thing that you should know when you are allowing for working with leather on a sewing machine is that standard sewing machine needles will not work for your project. You will need to go to a craft store and buy special needles that are specifically designed for leather. Tripoint Sewing needles are designed for leather and will adequately cut the material. Leather sewing needles come in many sizes, so, you will have to evaluate the thickness of the leather that you are working with to decide the needle size that is required.

It is essential that you understand that leather is a distinctive type of material and some stitches will not be suitable for sewing. For example, doing a small stitch on leather usually does not work well. Many people have performed small stitches and have found that the material is destroyed after doing so. It is vital that you buy a scrap piece of leather in order to test the stitch that you wish to use. If the stitch works well, then you can use it. The standard size stitch that seems to do well when working with leather on a sewing machine is about three inches.

On most sewing machines, you can fine-tune the overall tension of the thread that you are working with. It is very important to know that if you are working with thin pieces of leather on your sewing machine that the tension should be increased. If you are working with thicker pieces of leather, the thread tension should be decreased. If you find that the thread is constantly breaking off, or experiencing other issues, you should try to change the tension on the thread of the sewing machine to see if it helps. Working with leather on a sewing machine requires experience and trial and error.

Sewing with leather on a sewing machine can prove to be quite a trial to have the material stay as one. When you are working with basic types of material, you can merely bind the fabric together using pins and similar items. You will find that if you do this with leather, you will visibly mark the material. The best thing that you can use in order to bind leather as one while using a sewing machine is alligator clips. I even prefer to place a piece of tape over both sides of the binding spot prior to placing the clips in place to steer clear of having to worry about marks.

Working with leather on a sewing machine can be a difficult undertaking, but if you follow the listed steps, you are sure to find that you are a success in this task. You will find your completed leather project a rewarding product with long lasting quality and appeal.

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