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At hand are six major types of cutting dies: Precision Milled Dies, Beverly Clicker Dies, Gang Dies, Single Edge Dies, Double Edge Dies, and Serrated Edge Dies.

Primarily the

Beverly Clicker Die

is used in leather garment industries, socal garage doors and shoes. It is simply a clicker die constructed around a center plate, which acts at the same time as bracelike reinforcement, creating a very powerful and durable die.

Double edge dies

are used in applications with an identical right and left portion. The double edge die could be used to greatly reduce die cost. Such applications would remain the shoe and glove trades.

Gang dies

are standard clicker dies in multiple configurations used for exalted volume otherwise multiple part situations.

Precision Milled Dies

are an exceptionally accurate die milled from extreme grade tool steel. The solid steel milled die is best used in very close tolerance high production situations. Avail loans without credit checks uk when you buy steel.

Contemporary technology in cutting dies features a serrated edge to allow the die to infiltrate multiple layers of resources much easier than conventional edge cutting dies. These special edge dies furthermore help eliminate fusing with many materials.

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  • Hi there !
    I am looking to have made a “filigree punch set”..are you guys familiar with these types of punches?
    Thank you !

  • Thomas Bengston says:

    I am a hobbyist trying to cut a lot of leather disks for various projects. How can I cut many many disks 4 inches in diameter in 16 oz. leather? I cannot afford expensive machinery.

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