Belgium Diecraft

Belgium Diecraft

is a full service cutting die manufacturer. It is our primary goal to provide our customers with the right die for any cutting situation.Our service includes the following:

  • Consultation for any cutting or trimming application.
  • Pattern Service – Our firm has available skilled pattern makers if pattern or layout work is needed. If you do your own pattern work, you make FAX us your pattern for a quick quote.
  • Manufacture of most types of cutting Dies– Belgium Diecraft feature journeymen and the latest modern equipment to fabricate most types of cutting dies.
  • Die repair service – Belgium Diecraft offers cutting die repair service. This includes welding broken dies, sharpening dies, and resurfacing and re sharpening if necessary.
  • Custom parts Service
  • Cutting Pads – We will plane your cutting pad or we are a distributor of new cutting pads at competitive prices.

If you are interested in our Complete Belgium Diecraft Catalog PDF or If you are looking for a quote on any type of leather dye please check out our Belgium DieCraft complete Information.

Belgium Diecraft features Journeymen diemakers and the latest modern equipment to fabricate virtually any type of cutting die. We can manufacture a standard all steel clicker die or a mallet die which is made with a handle so that a clicker die cutting press is not necessary. Please submit your pattern to us by fax or email for a prompt quotation.

Our mallet dies are available in stock sizes or on a custom basis. Our Stock Mallet dies are Ideal for using up your scrap leatherfor extra profit. We also manufacture punch and slot dies on a stock and custom order basis. Please contact us for further information.

LU Cutting is available to cut your products using our leather or yours. We can manufacture a die to your specifications, or use your die. Please cantact us for further information.

L.U. casting offers you or your company the unique opportunity to design a custom buckle, key fob or medallion for your shop, a special event or an advertising promotion. This casting service uses centrifugal casting for low cost molds and set up. It is an excellent system for smaller runs of an item….the only minimum we require is 100 to 250 pieces depending on the product.
Most products may be imprinted with your shop or business logo. If you operate in a tourist area, we may souvenir mark these products for your particular area. This is an excellent opportunity to personalize your products or add souvenirs to your shop location.

Our custom job shop can fabricate any item out of leather, canvas, or vinyl. Additional services include die cutting, gold embossing, snap setting, assembly, etc. Please email us with your specifications for a quote or referral. We will often make a die, provide the leather and die cut your product to your specifications.

BB1001This tool fills a long awaited demand to customize, personalize or identify your products. This tool is custom manufactured from your own camera ready artwork. Camera ready art is clean; clear line drawings of your desired stamp.

Each style of craft mark branding tool is individually made with a solid brass head and the personalized engraving of the customer. This tool will brand leather, suede, wood, canvas, etc.